Tour Deal Staple Attractions in Finland

Being in a lesser-known region of Europe, Finland is a country that gets far less attention than it deserves. Perhaps that’s partly why its magical landscapes have remained so unspoiled and pristine. But it’s before you even leave the vibrant main city of Helsinki that the pandora’s box opens, showing just how much of a hidden gem Finland is.

With a near-endless list of sights and sounds worth checking out, it can be difficult to know where to start. Are you an explorer-like Captain Cook when traveling, or do you prefer tried and tested itineraries? This list will introduce you to some of the most famous attractions tourist spots in Finland.

Helsinki Churches

You’ll probably find yourself in Helsinki after leaving the airport. Before heading elsewhere, it’s worth paying three of the top tourist spots a visit. This includes the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, with its gold-topped spires rising high over the harbor. Not too far away is the Lutheran Cathedral, surrounded by one of Europe’s most photogenic public squares.

Finally, there’s the Temppeliaukio Church. This architectural experiment features a woven copper roof that gives it unique acoustics, making it best to visit during one of the musical events that take place there.

Northern Lights

Of course, no visit to Europe’s Nordic areas would be complete without the unforgettable experience that is the Northern Lights. In fact, Finland is one of the best countries to see them, even if you find yourself further down south. That said, Captain Cooks recommends visiting between September and March to see them most clearly.

Suomenlinna Fortress

History buffs will be particularly fond of Suomenlinna Fortress, which is said to be one of the largest sea fortresses in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is only 15 minutes from Helsinki Square by ferry. Once there, you can explore the lively history of the 18th-century fort through tunnels, museums and custom audio-visual experiences.

Santa Claus Village

If you’re bringing your kids along, be sure to stop by Santa Claus Village for one of the best travel deals. Often called “The Disneyland of Finland,” Santa Claus Village is a nostalgic amusement park located in the mountains of Lapland. Here you can find husky rides, igloo hotels, ice restaurants and a range of other fun-filled sights.


Feeling a bit too chilly? Head over to the unblemished mountains of Levi for some exhilarating ski sessions down the nearly limitless slopes. This popular tourist attraction is just 105 miles north of the Arctic Circle, offering subzero temperatures year-round. But worry not, as the friendly people and exciting activities are sure to keep you warm.

Sibelius Monument

The Sibelius Monument was built to pay tribute to Jean Sibelius, who is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest composers. Approximately 600 steel pipes make up this one-of-a-kind structure, which comes together to form a magnificent organ. It’s the perfect place to get some unique photos before making your way back home.

A stop at Turku castle or Nuuksio National Park is also highly recommended. Safe travels!

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