The Best Travel Deals: Helsinki’s Cheapest Hotels

There are many reasons to visit Helsinki. The city is now one of the most popular destinations in Europe because of its rich cultural and historical attractions, lovely cuisines, and a long list of activities to do. Helsinki is also famous for its lively nightlife, making it the perfect destination for those who love to party.

Traveling to Helsinki doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. The trip can still be budget-friendly, as long as you know how to save on various expenses along the way. This Captain Cooks Finland list is for those who would rather splurge on meals and tours than on hotels. Visiting Helsinki? Here are the cheapest hotels that you can book.

Hotel Ava

We cannot talk about budget hotels in Helsinki without talking about Hotel Ava. This property offers the best of both worlds: great amenities for affordable prices. If your idea of budget accommodation involves a bit of luxury, this is one of the best travel deals to look into.

Hotel Ava is situated near the city center of Helsinki. You can visit great restaurants and bars on foot, which means you can save more on transportation when staying at this hotel. The property’s proximity to great attractions also means you can use this as the starting point for your Finland adventure.

Hotel Ava doesn’t skimp on amenities. You still get an on-site gym and an eco-friendly room. Rooms are equipped with coffee makers and there is a communal kitchen for you to use. If you want to start the day with a good breakfast, you will also love the breakfast buffet at this property.

Holiday Inn City West

Holiday Inn offers a relatively consistent experience to its guests across all of its properties, and the Holiday Inn City West in Helsinki lets you enjoy that same experience. This is a safe bet if you are not familiar with hotels in Helsinki or you don’t want to worry too much about accommodation.

There is a free sauna and international restaurants on-site. You can also rely on the room service at this property for familiar meals and delicious cocktails. Its unique location makes this Holiday Inn property a suitable pick for those looking for budget accommodation in Helsinki.

The real advantage of staying at the Holiday Inn, however, is access to many other attractions near the property. This is a hotel deal that Captain Cooks highly recommends.

Other Budget Hotels

There are other budget hotels across Helsinki; the city is really a gem for budget travelers. Finlandia Park Hotel is particularly interesting with its warm ambiance. Hellsten Helsinki Senate is also an interesting choice if you want to enjoy a cozy accommodation with rustic Finnish aura to it.

Regardless of the travel deals you choose to utilize, you will have a great time in Helsinki without breaking the bank. You can spend more money on meals and tours and return to comfortable accommodation at the end of every day, all while keeping the entire budget for the trip affordable.

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